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Michael Chen
153 De Grassi St
Toronto, ON, M4M 2K8, Canada


I am seeking a position where I can apply my user interface design, prototyping, programming and user testing skills to develop innovative and easy-to-use products.

In my 22 years working in the San Francisco / Silicon Valley area, I have helped to design and ship Digital Video Recorders for TiVo and TGC, digital camera software and firmware for Foveon and Sigma, CGI and e commerce enabled websites for Levis and Timberland, and QuickTime Virtual Reality software for Apple Computer. I also have done user interface research and prototypes in the areas of 3D, touch input, pen input, digital cameras, and information management. I am a holder of 6 user interface patents with two pending. I have also published my work in journals such as the ACM SIGCHI and SIGGRAPH. I hold a Masterís degree in Electrical Engineering/Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Toronto.

I have a wide skill set. I was a member of Apple's Human Interface Group in Advanced Technology and apply a user-center approach for all my projects. I have experience in creating product definition, gathering user needs, defining the user interface guidelines and specification documents, creating mockups and prototypes, doing customer visits and user testing, managing design and development teams, maintaining schedule, and implementing shipping code. I have also directed remote teams in Asia to do UI research, localization and user testing. I have worked on the PC, Mac, Linux, web, handheld, and embedded environments in languages/applications such as C, C++, MFC, Perl, ASP, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Flash/ActionScript, Runtime Revolution, X/HTML, Photoshop, Fireworks, and Visio.

I work well in an interdisciplinary team environment and believe in the collaborative approach. I am a consensus seeker and consider that a successful project requires the input from everyone. I recognize that making sensible tradeoffs between design, marketing, development, user testing and QA is all part of the job in our fast-paced industry.

A sample of my work can be found at http://www.michaelchen.net/portfolio.html. I look forward to showing my work with you in person.

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Curriculum Vitae


Michael Chen

153 De Grassi St

Toronto, Ontario, M4M 2K8, Canada






Seeking a position where I can combine my user interface design, prototyping, and programming skills to develop innovative and easy-to-use products in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Work Experience

Aug 2010-Present. Senior User Experience Designer, Michael Chen Consulting, Toronto, Canada.


Providing design, prototyping and consulting services to TiVo and clients in the Toronto area.

Aug 2007-Present. Senior User Experience Designer, TiVo, Inc., CA, USA


TiVo is a company that develops Digital Video Recorder (DVR) products for the US, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and Taiwan markets.

2004-2007. Senior User Experience and Software Engineer, TGC America, Inc., CA, USA


TGC was a startup that developed hardware and software for Digital Video Recorder (DVR) systems that were sold in the Taiwan and China. The systems were based on the US TiVo system but with localization and enhancements. My main role was the lead user interface designer for the US, Taipei and Shanghai offices.

1998-2003. Senior User Interface and Software Engineer, Foveon, Inc., CA, USA


Foveon is a startup developing high-end digital camera image sensors that can sense full color at each pixel.

1996-1998. Manager of Engineering / Senior Web Engineer, CKS/USWeb, Inc., CA, USA


CKS/USWeb was an integrated marketing firm that provided services for web, media and print designs.

1987-1996. Apple Human Interface Group / Senior Engineer, Apple Computer, Inc., CA, USA


1985-1988. Masters in Electrical Engineering/Human-Computer Interaction, University of Toronto

1982-1985. Bachelors in Engineering Science, University of Toronto

1980-1982. University of California, Santa Barbara