Foveon Studio Camera System

Foveon Inc is a startup that developed the high-end X3 Direct Image Sensor technology, a CMOS imager that can sense full RGB color at each pixels.

The Foveon Studio Camera System was a tethered PC<->camera system created to demonstrate the image sensor technology. The camera and software was used by major photo studio chains in the US.

As the lead UI designer and a developer on the project at Foveon, my responsibilities were:

  • Redesign and implement the user interface for the PC/camera system
  • Developed various UI prototypes for evaluation
  • Conducted user tests with internal users and photographers
  • Documented the design specification
  • Develop the camera capture and the image processing applications with other developers
  • Acted as interface between marketing and engineering
  • Marketing/Photographers Support for the system
  • Made technical presentations, supported demos and trained photographers on how to use the system at tradeshows, photo studios and printing labs,and provided feedback to engineering on redesigns as necessary.

This section is under construction and specific examples will be added soon. For now, here are some external references to this project.